Other Resources

Music in Education

Musical Futures – A collection of articles, songs, and musical games for teaching different subject areas.

Songs for Teaching – A collection of articles, songs, and musical games for teaching different subject areas.

Articles for Teachers

Pedagogical Approaches II: Music in the Language Classroom – Practical article about using music for foreign language learning.

Teaching the Target Language through the Lyrics of Melodic Music – An article about using songs to teach linguistic material.


Ludke, K.M., Ferreira, F. & Overy, K. (2014). Singing can facilitate foreign language learning. Memory & Cognition.

Singing can facilitate second language learning: Evidence from a classroom-based intervention study – Poster by Dr Karen M. Ludke, Prof. Nigel Osborne & Dr Katie Overy.

AIRS – Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in Singing, an international network led by Prof. Annabel Cohen.

Bilingualism Matters – Articles and resources about bilingualism from an organisation started by Professor Antonella Sorace at the University of Edinburgh.


Jazzles – A collection of alphabet songs for teaching English and literacy.

Songs for Teaching English – A variety of songs and related pedagogical materials for teaching English.

Music English – Subtitled songs, lessons and resources for learning English.


Momes.net – French songs that are most appropriate for beginners or young children.

French through Songs and Singing – Examples of songs and MP3 files for French language learning.

Good sites for French songs – List of song-related web resources for learning French.


Musical Spanish – A collection of songs and musical activities for teaching Spanish.

Spain Rocks – Popular songs for learning Spanish.


Learn German Online – Music and songs for learning German.


Zap Italian – Music and songs for learning Italian, with English translations.


Learn Portuguese Now – Brazilian Portuguese songs.

Cotonete – European Portuguese radio and music website.

Early Years

English children's songs – collected by the British Council.

Bilingual English-French Music – A collection of bilingual English-French songs available for purchase.

Primary School

Primary Music – Collection of English songs and lyrics for young children by TES.

European Music Portfolio – A project that created materials to support integrated primary music and language teaching.

AIM Language Learning – Wendy Maxwell's holistic approach to teaching new languages through gestures, stories and music.

Secondary and University

CASLT – Search for 'music' to find lessons for teaching songs in languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Ukrainian, and more.

Génération Française 8 – A collection contemporary songs and suggested activities for teaching French (CDs et livrets pédagogiques).

LORO – Search for 'music' or 'song' to find lessons related to teaching languages through music-related activities.